Prof U R Rao interacting with students in a Program

To promote the progress and uphold the cause of Space , Nano and related sciences both in pure and applied branches.


To acquire, establish, start, aid, run, maintain or manage schools or institutions, laboratories, workshops, factories, experimental farms, research units, clinics, museums and libraries for training and research or awareness activities for promotion of Space, Nano and related scientific and technological activity.


To promote awareness of potential of space, Nano and related sciences among target audiences-encompassing education, industry and general public.


To encourage and provide facilities for advanced studies and research and publish important researches in Space, Nano and other associated branches of knowledge.


To publish books, journals, proceedings and transactions relating to original researches in pure and applied Space, Nano and related Sciences.


To organize courses of studies, training Workshops, meetings and conferences for reading and discussing papers submitted to the KCCSNS, on Space, Nano and related Science and technology.


To advise Government and other bodies on matters affecting the Space, Nano and related Sciences and to cooperate with the National Scientific Organizations in all matters of national importance.


To cooperate with international organizations and United Nations for promotion and utilization of the Space, Nano and related Science and technology for peaceful purposes.


To acquire, establish, start, aid, run, maintain or manage hospitals, health care centers utilizing the Space, Nano and related Science and technology for benefit of public.


To collaborate with industry, Government and international Agencies to utilize and develop Space, Nano related science and technology.


To utilize the Space, Nano and related Science and technology to promote distant education, literacy, communications and cultural, political, environmental, historical issues and education.


To secure and administer funds, grants and endowments for furtherance of scientific research.


To undertake and execute all other acts, deeds, matters incidental or conducive which shall assist in and promote the usefulness, aims and purposes of the organization (KCCSNS ).


The income and properties of the Society whatsoever derived or obtained shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Society (KCCSNS) and no portion thereof shall be paid to or divided amongst any of its members by way of profit.




Life Members and Life Associates

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