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Jaypuria College Workshop reception.jpg

Inauguration RKM -KCCSNS workshop2012 by Swami Atmapriyananda.jpg

KCCSNS stall at Space Expo Bengaluru 2012.jpg

Inauguration Space Expo Bengaluru By Isro Chairman.jpg

Dr G Viswanathan.jpg

Dr K N Shanakara interating with Students.jpg

Dr Surendra Pal.jpg

Group Picture during workshop.jpg

Dr Rita Ghosh on Space Biology.jpg

Dr Shankara with Students.jpg

Dr Santanu Datta & Dr Subhas Kar with Student.jpg

Poster RKM-KCCSNS workshop.jpg

Participants in workshop.jpg

KCCSNS stall at Space Expo Bengaluru By ISRO 1.jpg

In question answer session in Workshop.jpg

Sky watching at Kalyani University.jpg

Dr Santanu Datta, Dr Subrata Datta and Dr U R Rao.jpg

Sky Watching st Kalyani University 1.jpg

Debisree Ray.jpg

Group Photo with Dr Amitava Bose and Swami Satyapriyanandajpg
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