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KCCSNS currently has a library of approximately 350 plus books on various aspects of Space and Nano Science and technology and related subjects.



Government Agencies which have funded Activities of KCCSNS


Indian Space Research Organisation ,ISRO


Department of Science and Technology , DST Government of India


Department of Atomic Energy-BRNS-BARC




Research students worked/working:


Sukanta Sau, Banhi Chatterjee, Vramori Mitra , Asima Dey,Kolahol Bhattacharya


Honarary Scientist/Faculty


Dr M. Roy, Dr S C Chakrabarty, Dr G Viswanathan, Dr K K Bardhan, Dr Santanu Datta




Dr Santanu Datta


Chief Executive Officer:


Sharmila Basu


Chief Accounts/Treasurer:


Dr P K Datta




Membership: To be a member a person must be a Masters degree holder in any subject oe a B.Tech degree holder.If approved have to pay the fee. Members have voting right for election of Governing body members.Current Membership Fee is Rs 3000/-

Associateship areof two Categories . 1) Anybody interested and wish to pursue interest in Space , Nano and related sciences can be associate. If approved have to pay fee.Associates do not have the right to vote for election of governing body or other matters. The fee for these types of Associates is Rs 2000/- 2) Student Associateship : Students upto masters degree and B.Tech degree are encouraged to be Associates against a nominal fee and participate in the activities of the organiation and also generate activities.

For Membership and Associateship one needs to send Biodata to kccsns@rediffmail.com and if approved will be informed.




Life Members and Life Associates